Friday, September 11, 2015

Hit Publish

Things have been pretty quiet around here, right? Seems like it's been that way off and on for a while. So much has been happening; some has been shared on my Instagram, some has not. I have several posts fully written, but never published.

I lost confidence in my voice. I'm actually getting emotional just having written that. It seems so personal, but so important to share because I will be publishing those posts. And maybe, once they're all published, I'll tell you more about the behind the scenes emotional roller coaster I'm navigating. Or maybe that's TMI. Even for a personal blog.

I'm at a blogging conference right now (#ENMNCON15), getting inspiration, building confidence, remembering why I love blogging.

Please, let me know what types of things you miss hearing about from me, and what kinds of things you'd like to read more of!

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Promise Ring Backpack: Sew Sweetness Pattern

I was recently given the opportunity to test out a new pattern by Sara of Sew Sweetness. If you don't follow her, she's well known for her bag patterns. I first found her after coming across pictures of her Aeroplane Bag on Instagram. Then I fell in love with her Ansel Camera Bag pattern (which I have plans to make this summer!), but it was still in the test phase.

This was my first time getting to test out a pattern for someone, and I'm so glad to find I wasn't completely over my head on this! It is a fun little bag - perfect to replace a purse and be handsfree, or as a preschooler's backpack.
A Cloth Life: Sew Sweetness Promise Ring Backpack

I chose some fun coordinating fabrics from Michael Miller, with a soft solid pink for the lining. I had a rough time with the binding, and wish I'd followed her tips a little more closely for it, but overall, I'm really happy with how it turned out. I'd consider myself an advanced beginner (although I'm not really sure what that means), and it only took me a couple days to get this done. Instructions are really straightforward, and she includes lots of pictures to help keep things clear (which I am totally thankful for!).

If you're wanting to read more about the pattern, you can see Sara's post HERE, or go directly to her pattern shop.

It's been nice sewing again after the hiatus in S Korea (which I REALLY need to post pictures of!). What have you been up to? Summer vacation has only been here a week, and we've already marked 5 things off our Summertime To-Do list! This might be my busiest summer yet...
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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Cute as a Button Baby Boutique: interview & giveaway

I love shopping little boutiques. They always seem to carry things I can't find anywhere else.

I recently discovered a super cute online boutique that's based not far from my neighborhood. Cute as a Button Baby Boutique has only been open a few months, but they carry some of the best brands for baby (and Mom!). From Lillebaby carriers, Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags, Logan & Lenora wet bags, and Charlie Banana cloth diapers, this shop is stocked with fun, functional, high quality, innovative products.
Cute as a Button Baby Boutique: interview w owner Kayti Graham

Cute as a Button was started by new mom Kayti Graham. She and her husband just celebrated their son's first birthday this post weekend! I'm barely getting showered when I have kids under 2, and this women created an entire business in the first year of her son's life! Color me impressed, okay. So now I'm very excited to introduce you to her shop, and share with you just peek into her story.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Trip of a Lifetime: S. Korea

Today, and tomorrow, and every day until Wednesday, I'm packing.

If you follow me on Instagram, and you REALLY should now if you din't before, then you already know I'm taking the kids on a trip. A trip that requires passports.
family passport wallet @lilmondu

My parents met when my dad was stationed in S Korea. My parents have been back a handful of times, but the last time I was there, I was barely older than E. I have zero memories.

Monday, March 23, 2015

#DisneySide Treat Recipes

Remeber when I posted about my DisneySide @Home Celebration? I promised I'd share the recipes, and here they are! 

This is a REALLY simple, really delicious treat. All it takes is a few scoops of ice cream, some milk, malted milk, and a little pixie dust*.

*Okay... I used sprinkles. I'm out of pixie dust at the moment.

You can make this a glass at a time, or put together a large batch to share, the idea is still the same. I lightly packed (read: not smooshed) several scoops of ice cream into a large cup, added enough milk to just reach the top of the ice cream, then dumped a generous spoonful of malted milk powder over top. Mix with a spoon - you want it to be a little lumpy, like an ice cream soda. Or if you don't, just throw it all in the blender, but it's not as much fun. I poured the treat into smaller cups for the kids, then sprinkled a dash of everyone's chosen colors on the top. So. Good. And that's it. Drink, and repeat!