Saturday, April 11, 2015

Trip of a Lifetime: S. Korea

Today, and tomorrow, and every day until Wednesday, I'm packing.

If you follow me on Instagram, and you REALLY should now if you din't before, then you already know I'm taking the kids on a trip. A trip that requires passports.
family passport wallet @lilmondu

My parents met when my dad was stationed in S Korea. My parents have been back a handful of times, but the last time I was there, I was barely older than E. I have zero memories.

This trip has been in some stage of planning since I first becamse pregnant with G.  My mom's desire is to show her grandkids where she came from.

We'll be gone about four weeks - me, the kids, my parents, and one of my mom's sisters. My husband will join us mid-trip for a little more than week. (Something about work and school and having to making a living is keeping him from staying the entire time with us.)

People in the technological know have called the Republic of Korea "the most connected country in the world." I'm planning to use that ultra fast internet to post often about my trip to Instagram AND (hopefully) to this blog.

So, now I should get back to the piles of laundry and empty suitcases that need filled. I'll leave you with pictures of some things I've sewn recently specifically for this trip.

Family Passport Wallet (because who can trust a 10 month old to keep track of her own passport?)
Pattern by One Shabby Chic Hawaii. Quick and easy, simple directions.
family passport wallet @lilmondu

The Betsy Travel Bag (perfect for carry on)
Pattern by Kristi of Schnitzel & Boo, available through Rebel Craft Media Well written pattern, complicated bag (for my skill level, at least!), but well worth the work.
The Betsy Travel Bag #thebetsytravelbag #betsytravelbag #betsysewalong @lilmondu

The Betsy Travel Bag #thebetsytravelbag #betsytravelbag #betsysewalong @lilmondu

The Betsy Travel Bag #thebetsytravelbag #betsytravelbag #betsysewalong @lilmondu

The Betsy Travel Bag #thebetsytravelbag #betsytravelbag #betsysewalong @lilmondu

Be sure you're following me on Instagram to see the most up to date photos from my trip! And check back here often, in case I get a spare minute to actually post details about my trip. Hint: My mom has already warned me I won't have access to a washing machine or a dryer! 

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