Friday, September 28, 2012

Fitness Fridays

I had this realization that more than a year after giving birth to N is not too early to start trying (really trying) to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I actually ran my first 10k right before getting pregnant with N. It was amazing. The feeling of accomplishment, not my time. I set a goal then to run the Hood to Coast in 2013. There is no way I can do this if I don't start working out and training again soon.
8 months pregnant with N
I had this thought that if I lay my weight loss journey all on the line for everyone to see, I might keep my motivation to actually do what I need to do. And maybe I can find a support system within this online community. So please feel free to share tips, advice, encouragement, as well as stories of exercise/weight loss trials & tribulations!
24 hours before N was born
And here it is: I know we shouldn't focus on numbers when it comes to weight loss (unless you're a contestant on The Biggest Loser), but it's a tangible way for me to track my progress on this blog. And for reference, I'm about 5'4" with small "bone structure."

Current Weight (based on my bathroom scale): 169lbs
Current Clothing Size: 12-14 (if I can squeeze into them!)
# to goal: 34lbs

Each week, I hope to post about anything from healthy recipes, to exercise regimes, and (of course) weight loss updates. So please check back regularly and cheer me on!
July 5, 2011

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Guest Post: Parenting Perfectly

Be sure to check out my guest post over at The Un-Coordinated Mommy! Tracy is one of my absolute favorite blogger friends and she asked me to help her with the "blog load" while she adjusts to having a second little one to take care of. Subscribe to her feed and "like" her on Facebook while you're at it, too, because I am sure you will love her as much as I do!

Monday, September 24, 2012

What's the BGE?

BGE = bumGenius Elemental

Remember when I posted a list of cloth diapers I am dying to try? Well, someone was listening... er... reading. I won one of the weekly #clothdiapers twitter parties hosted by Cotton Babies. At the time, they were giving the choice of a bumGenius 4.0 or a bumGenius Freetime. While they're both great diapers, I'm sure (the 4.0 is the backbone to our cloth diaper stash, to be honest), I totally lucked out. Heather, from Cotton Babies, took the time to read this blog and saw my little heart's desire for a bumGenius Elemental... and GRANTED MY WISH. Wahoo! I'll skip all the hoop-la about the amazing customer service, and how incredibly excited it made me to get the very diaper at the top of my wish list
My #clothdiapers haul: 
bumGenius Elemental (old/original style) cloth diaper review

Having a little girl, how could I turn down the opportunity to get any Cotton Babies diaper in the Lovelace print? Hello? It's super adorable, and even better in person. My first impressions of the Elemental: super soft. And super trim. For some reason, I was not expecting the inner of the Elemental to be so soft. I also wasn't expecting it to be so trim. Immediately, and before even giving myself the opportunity to prep the diaper, I was wishing it made up my whole collection. (Am I really so fickle? meh...) 
bumGenius Elemental (old/original style) cloth diaper review

Friday, September 21, 2012

Asher's Squad

A few months ago, I posted about my cousin's celebration of life.  It's been six months since he passed and the world recently observed Suicide Prevention Day (on the exact 6 month anniversary of Asher's passing). In memory of this sweet sixteen year old boy, his friend's have created a team to reach out and do something in their community.

Asher's Squad is located in Forks, Washington. If you are in or around the area, I ask that you please support and encourage their cause. And if you live elsewhere, please consider what you can do to help the people in your life and those around you.

Friday, September 14, 2012

"Little Green Dress" redux

I finished another "Pinterest Inspired" project this week. This time it was a cute little dress for N. This time the original creation came from the blog MADE (as in Dana Made It). My finished product may or may not be as cute as hers, but I think she started out with a cuter shirt in the first place...

Anyway, here is my "little green dress":

If you're interested in seeing what else inspires me, please join me on Pinterest!

Monday, September 10, 2012


You may remember my post showing you what all I carry in my diaper bags. Jenny from the Cloth Diaper Revival also linked up with what's in her bag. I was totally inspired by her to use a wristlet. It's a little purse just big enough to carry all the essentials for when I'm out on my own, but small enough to easily toss in the diaper bag without losing everything in the jungle of diapers, toys, & snacks.

Pleated Wristlet Zipper Pouch - Park Fountains in Mustard

I ended up finding this fabulous mustard wristlet at Lireca on Etsy and ordered it the other day. I am in love with just about every purse this shop has. It's been shipped and should arrive any day now! I'll be sure to give you an update on how it works out. 

What are some tricks you use to keep your diaper bag from being a total disaster? 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tupperware, The Pampered Chef, Cookie Lee, and... Diapers?

One of the biggest choices parents have when first deciding to use cloth diapers is which one to choose. There are so many different options and so many differing opinions on which is best, it's overwhelming. You maybe know the big brands like bumGenius, fuzzibunz, Thirsties, and AppleCheeks all have great warranties. What good is that if the brand you choose doesn't work for your little one? And what about prefolds and flats? Pockets, all-in-ones, fitteds, hybrids, all-in-two's, snap-in-ones...

Seriously, (and speaking from experience) I'm pretty sure expectant parents have enough to worry about without investing hundreds of dollars into diapers that may or may not work. Like I've said before, we took a slow & easy approach, which meant using cloth only part time until we had enough of a stash built up to transition to full time use. Unfortunately, the nearest brick and mortar store that sells modern cloth diapers is over an hour from where we live. It wasn't particularly convenient for me to pop in just to check things out. Everything I bought, I bought online. The first time I would see a product in person, was when it arrived in the mail. Sad to say, this is pretty common for a lot of families. So, what other options do we have?
I found out much too late about diaper parties. Like Tupperware, Pampered Chef and other similar businesses, diaper parties bring the product into your home. You get to check out all the beautiful fluffiness in person in the comfort of your own living room (or patio, or whatever)! One company, Bubbalooch, mixes the in-home experience with an online storefront as well. And because Melissa is not just the owner but a "client" as well, she can tell you from first-hand experience how things work and help you out along the way.

While I'm not really in a position to host one of these fantastic parties at the moment (remember - I'm packing up my house as we speak), I'm thinking I might HAVE to get in on this new option once I'm settled. If you're in the Portland, OR area and you're interested in getting together with me for this - let me know! "The more the merrier" is always true when there are cloth diapers involved. ;-)

*Some affiliate links are included in this post & benefit myself & this blog when you purchase items through them.

Monday, September 3, 2012

LuSa Organics Booty Balm Winner!

Thank you to everyone who participated in my very first giveaway! I'm so excited with the response it got and for all the new followers/subcribers/Facebook-likers. I hope you stick with me and this blog. 
And now... time to announce the winner! Congratulations Leslie T.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Reason

My kids are the reason I live and breathe. They're also the reason I don't sleep.
my bed while we're staying at the in-laws' 
I genuinely love being a mom.

They may not leave me much room in the bed at night, but I love the good morning snuggles.