Friday, September 28, 2012

Fitness Fridays

I had this realization that more than a year after giving birth to N is not too early to start trying (really trying) to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I actually ran my first 10k right before getting pregnant with N. It was amazing. The feeling of accomplishment, not my time. I set a goal then to run the Hood to Coast in 2013. There is no way I can do this if I don't start working out and training again soon.
8 months pregnant with N
I had this thought that if I lay my weight loss journey all on the line for everyone to see, I might keep my motivation to actually do what I need to do. And maybe I can find a support system within this online community. So please feel free to share tips, advice, encouragement, as well as stories of exercise/weight loss trials & tribulations!
24 hours before N was born
And here it is: I know we shouldn't focus on numbers when it comes to weight loss (unless you're a contestant on The Biggest Loser), but it's a tangible way for me to track my progress on this blog. And for reference, I'm about 5'4" with small "bone structure."

Current Weight (based on my bathroom scale): 169lbs
Current Clothing Size: 12-14 (if I can squeeze into them!)
# to goal: 34lbs

Each week, I hope to post about anything from healthy recipes, to exercise regimes, and (of course) weight loss updates. So please check back regularly and cheer me on!
July 5, 2011


  1. I know you can do it!! Since I don't plan on having anymore babies I am getting started as soon as my doctor gives me the ok!! We can do it together!!

    1. That will be awesome! I really think I need someone who is not my husband to hold me accountable. Losing weight is hard work.

  2. Oh and I LOVE that first picture :) so sweet!!!

  3. Accountability buddies! I hate to sweat, so I'm going to try and swim laps at the Y. I really need to get in better shape. I'm at my heaviest weight right now and I'm not happy.

    1. Yes! I make too many excuses when it's just me. I'm hoping we'll find a house or a duplex to rent that includes a community pool & workout center. (Basically, I want to live in my SIL's neighborhood). Losing weight is hard work, especially when I'm eating through my stress!