Friday, November 2, 2012

Post-Halloween Blues: Fitness Friday

It's time like these, I realize I am a true sugar addict. Along with that, I feel like I've been doing some serious back-sliding since this move. I'm not particularly proud of my eating habits lately... mmm... but they've tasted so good!

It's probably incredibly fortunate, too, that I have no idea where my scale is. I meant to start running again this week, but it hasn't stopped raining and I hate to run in the rain. I left those days behind me with high school.

Anyway, you can imagine where my choices have led me. A path of shame.

But we should never be ashamed when we take missteps on our way to becoming healthier. After all, we're trying to create a lifestyle change, and that's easier said than done.
for just a moment, let's ignore how totally wrong my outfit is for so many reasons, and let's acknowledge that I am out and about with my kids... hunting & gathering candy... in the fresh air!
So, like everything else in my life, it's one day at a time. Eventually, I'll get back there.
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