Tuesday, December 11, 2012

BabbaBox: A Box of Fun

If you've never heard of BabbaCo and the BabbaBox, you are in for a treat today. Living here in the PNW, we're used to spending a lot of time indoors from about... October through March, with a few super nice days thrown in here and there throughout that time. With young kids, it can be a bit of a struggle to continually find fun things to do indoors without destroying the house or your nerves. We were lucky enough to receive our very first BabbaBox in the mail last week, and it is amazing. 
Jessica Kim, creator of BabbaCo and the BabbaBox
The theme of the BabbaBox we received is Sun, Moon, Stars. It included everything from binoculars (which G loves so much, he actually held them in his SLEEP. ALL. NIGHT.), to paper mache, and a wine stopper for me (Even though I don't drink wine, I can still appreciate a good wine stopper). There's even a great app  for your phone or tablet that's provided that ties into the theme. For this box, we got a Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Piano app that G loves to play in the car. And they really do include everything in the box that you'll need for each project, just like they advertise. 
the BabbaBox
G really went crazy when I told him the box was for him. Like I said, he slept with his binoculars and has been carrying them around with him every day since. I love how there are so many different kinds of activities. It definitely helps to keep the kids excited about what we get to do next, and it really made our time together a little more relaxing because we could just follow the instructions together. 
reading his new book
What's nice about all the structured activites is that it also left room for you to be creative and do things your own way. We just finished our paper mache moon nightlight today and G has plans to paint it. I'm not sure which colors, and I'm pretty sure it won't look anything like the real moon when we're done, but it's fun and G is learning. We're both learning. (On a side note, we managed to blow through BOTH bottles of glue that were provided, thanks to our mad liberal glue application skills, so we used the provided recipe and used flour & water for our second layer. Both solutions worked great.)
inspecting his newly finished moon
It's always nice spending time with each other, but this really gave us the opportunity to spend time together in a different way. Creating something together, making a mess, and waiting for the finished product was so fun. In all honesty, we get to do the same thing when we bake together, but my waistline certainly appreciates the more educational approach. Plus, we do a little bit of a pre-school program at home (just the two of us), and I was easily able to tie this into that.
placing the light inside
We ended up crawling under the table with our moon to get things even darker and have a really good first viewing of our nightlight in action.
voila! our paper moon completed!
G loves his new nightlight and said he wants to leave it on forever. I just think we need to get another BabbaBox for next month.

BabbaBox is a theme-based box delivered to your door that allows you to enjoy a little convenience and inspiration! As any parent can attest, the most important thing you can give to your child is quality time. BabbaBox makes this possible by helping you to save time, money, & mindspace.

Just think! Fantastic monthly activities with ALL the materials for kids ages 3-6. Included in the box are 3 projects + 1 bestselling book + digital download + parent surprise gift!

The best part? Babbabox makes a GREAT unique gift during the holiday season.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BabbaBox. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. We love the BabbaBox! We've been getting it for a couple of months and Lillie loves it (Christopher is still a bit young....)

    1. Isn't it a great idea? I wish I could subscribe to all the different monthly box services.