Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Mother of All Meltdowns: review & giveaway (closed)

I was recently contacted by Crystal Ponti of MommiFried to see if I would be interested in doing a review of her new book The Mother of All Meltdowns.  As if I'd turn down the opportunity to do another book review.

If you've never had a meltdown as a parent, you have some deep feelings of jealousy aimed at you from me. I have definitely lost control when it's come to my kids. Before I even became a parent, and I've told this story before, an older first-time-mom told me "It doesn't matter how old you are, that baby will bring you to your knees in tears at some point." That sentiment has carried me through some tough times. There is something comforting in knowing you are not alone.

Reading the stories of these 30 bloggers about how they've all lost control in different ways, how they've all come out the other side, and how they can now recognize moms in similar situations - it's comforting. I'm not the only one who occasionally locks myself in the bathroom for a moment of quiet and privacy? I'm not the only one who cried because my toddler/preschooler/etc. was mean to me? I'm not completely out of my mind for wanting someone to just DO WHAT I ASK? It's comforting. And entertaining. It's always easier to laugh when you're not the one in the thick of it, right?

At only $4.99 for the ebook ($8.99 for paperback), I definitely recommend this book! This would be an excellent gift for a new mom. I remember that feeling that I was somehow failing, because I didn't have it all together all the time. Sometimes we're ashamed of our emotions, and of our perceived shortcomings. This is an entertaining read, but it's also a little cathartic.

And these women are actually good writers and storytellers. Some voices I identified more strongly with, but isn't that always the case with an anthology?

Be sure to check out the book's website at You can order the book from Amazon (for Kindle or paperback) or Barnes & Noble (for the Nook). You can also enter for your chance right here to WIN YOUR VERY OWN COPY. Crystal has very generously offered up two copies of the book for ACL readers! You can enter via the rafflecopter form below. All standard ACL giveaway rules apply.

If you're interested in hearing what other bloggers/reviewers have to say about the book, you can follow along with the virtual book tour - of which I am a part. The schedule is listed here.

Disclosure: I was given a copy of the book The Mother of All Meltdowns in exchange for my honest review. I was also provided the two copies for the giveaway. All opinions are genuine and my own. 

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