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Whole Foods Market: Greenway

Whole Foods Market: Greenway
A new Whole Foods Market is opening up just 45 minutes from where I live. I know - still too far away for convenience, but oh my goodness - this is a nice one! As if any of them aren't, but this one takes the cake. It's located off Scholls Ferry Rd. in Tigard (Oregon) at the Greenway Town Center, and I was invited on a tour last week.
Whole Foods Market: Greenway local
As with all Whole Foods Markets, as much as possible is fresh, local, and organic. Whole Foods Market in general carries the largest selection of organic produce of ANY OTHER GROCERY. Also, things marked as "made right here" are literally made fresh IN STORE each morning. They're even rolling out a new fresh squeezed orange juice program at this store. Who does that? People who care about taste and quality of the products they provide.

There will be over 500 local vendors with 90 new local products offered. And when they say LOCAL, that's exactly what they mean. If it says local, it isn't even brought in from California. Even the full service florist is whole trade and as locally sourced. And, I mentioned this in my Mother's Day post, all items available at all Whole Foods Market locations are free from artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

The bulk selection is no less impressive, with over 350 items available. All items are from local producers, and labels even include harvest dates. The Greenway location is the first to have the wide selection of nut grinders. I am now obsessed with the hazelnut chocolate butter. So. Good. And way better than prepackaged versions. It's an example of their team member creations. Someone on the team said "Why not put chocolate chips in with the hazelnuts in a grinder?" and the management team listened. This is a program they are excited about and plan to grow and evolve throughout all departments.
Whole Foods Market: Greenway bulk

The specialty department is huge. If you've ever needed just the right cheese, wine, beer, etc. - this is the place to go. The sausage is a favorite of Justin Bieber, and cheese wheels are cut daily. Want a sample? Just ask. Want a specific size? They'll cut it however you want. 
Whole Foods Market: Greenway eat in
If you're hungry and want something to eat while you're there - just do it. Oh my goodness, eat there. The seafood department receives fresh deliveries 6 days a week, and they've begun a FRY TO ORDER program (think FISH AND CHIPS, because they will be including fresh fries with that order!). Put in your order, take your ticket up front to pay, head back and your FRESH FRIED SEAFOOD will be ready for you. They also have a smoke master, with an in-house smoke program for those of you who love things like smoked salmon (ie my husband).

And if you want something from the deli or one of the many cafe options - you're in good hands. There's sandwiches, a taqueria, pizzeria, bakery, and coffee and fresh (full service) juice bar. Seating in the cafe area will accommodate over 80 people. With a fire pit, heat lamps, and covered seating, even the outdoor seating (which is amazing) should be available pretty much year round.

Whole Foods Market: Greenway cafe seating

And this is what I had for lunch at Whole Foods Market at Greenway the day of my tour, pulled fresh from the oven:
Whole Foods Market: Greenway pizzeria

If you're interested in "one-stop shopping", Whole Foods Market also offers a Whole Body department.
Whole Foods Market: Greenway whole body
And as long as this post has been, it's just the tip of the iceberg with what Whole Foods Market has to offer. Not only do they support local vendors by carrying their products in store, they also provide financial assistance through their Local Producer Loan.

This art installation (to be completed by the grand opening Wednesday May 21) was created by a second grade class at Mary Woodward Elementary. The school is also the recipient of a $2000 Whole Foods Market/ Whole Kids Foundation School Garden Grant. Just a little more awesome, right?
Whole Foods Market: Greenway Mary Woodward Elementary art installation
As if that weren't enough, the grand opening will also include a gift of over $1000 worth of nonperishable food items donated to the Good Neighbor Center in Tigard.

If you're available, you should attend the grand opening bread breaking ceremony this Wednesday at 8:30am. Doors officially open at 9am. The first 100 shoppers will also receive gift cards to the store (in denominations ranging from $10-100)! Oooh - and if you didn't know, Whole Foods Market has their own private label products "365 Everyday Value." Great products at a great price, and 25% off (at the Greenway location only) this Wednesday and Thursday in celebration of the grand opening! The line includes everything from soup to shampoo.
Whole Foods Market: Greenway Bread Breaking grand opening

Although I was invited to attend the media tour (and received a few samples, including that delicious pizza slice!), I was not compensated in any way for this post. As always, all opinions are my own, and I would not promote something I don't believe in sincerely. When I told my husband about wanting to attend the Bread Breaking ceremony, his genuine response was "Well, you do love Whole Foods." 

Let me know if you'll be getting up early to take part in the festivities! It sounds like it's going to be fun. I'll be there snapping pictures with my phone and looking for bubble bath!

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