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Nesting, Crafting: Preparing for Baby #3

Remember that time when I was pregnant and totally neglected this blog? Friends, let's just call it Spring and Summer 2014. Well, aside from trying to sleep and eat as much as possible, I was also getting in my fair amount of sewing and DIY.
Nesting, Crafting: Preparing for Baby #3 via A Cloth Life

The nursery is a tiny little room with no windows {okay, it's my closet, but it's a big closet}. I wanted to add a lot of brightness to make it more cheery and welcoming for our newest addition. I'm too embarrassed to show any pictures of what it looked like before (a mess), or even after (a slightly more organized mess). I do want to show you a few of the things I made or put together, though.

I got rid of a LOT of things I'd been holding onto since our big move here, but I found that a big part of the problem was a shortage of space to put things. The walls were bare, folks. I got a giant Lack shelf from Ikea to store all our medicine cabinet type items, putting it high on the wall above the dresser. Then, I did the following:

Nesting, Crafting: Preparing for Baby #3 {corner shelves} via A Cloth Life
I used three of the smallest Lack shelves from Ikea, making use of the corner space beside the changing table. This is where I keep E's bedding, blankets, and burp cloths. Burp cloths are on the lowest shelf so the older kids can reach them if I'm needing a little extra help.

Nesting, Crafting: Preparing for Baby #3 {book shelf} via A Cloth Life
This is a spice rack, also from Ikea, that I installed on a small space of wall beside the rocking chair. All the books pictured are ones we got as gifts at my baby shower for E. I love having them within arms reach at bedtime. I put one of these up in my other kids' room, too.

One of my sister-in-laws has a business that involves fabric. She also has a crazy ton of it not related to her business, and it's all gorgeous. I was helping her out last summer getting some of her social media in order, and she was super generous enough to send me BOXES of designer fabrics. We're talking Amy Butler, Riley Blake, Michael Miller, and probably some other designers I'm not in-the-know enough to recognize.

Here's a few things I put together using some of that fabric:

Nesting, Crafting: Preparing for Baby #3 {fitted crib sheet} via A Cloth Life
I love flannel fitted sheets for babies - so warm and cozy! And this barnyard print is just super cute.

Nesting, Crafting: Preparing for Baby #3 {crib quilt} via A Cloth Life
My second quilt ever, and my first attempt at a pinwheel design. This was a mix of fabrics from my sister-in-law as well as a lot gifted to me from another good friend. It has a cozy flannel backing in pink that I also used as binding.

Nesting, Crafting: Preparing for Baby #3 {nursing pillow slipcovers} via A Cloth Life
I have the same Boppy nursing pillow I received as a baby shower gift the first time I was pregnant. I opened it up, added some more stuffing (it was noticeably flatter after years of use), and put together a couple fresh slipcovers. I'll be honest, though - I really favor that blue one! It's just so much brighter and cheerier. I used my original slipcovers as a template, and used snaps instead of zippers (just because I have a ton of snaps, and not a surplus of zippers).

Nesting, Crafting: Preparing for Baby #3 {reversible baby bonnet} via A Cloth Life
This is a reversible baby bonnet. I got the idea from Delia Creates, which I found via Pinterest, and drafted a pattern using a hoodie in a size 3mos. We only used this bonnet a handful of times, but I just love it.

Did you go through a nesting, crafting phase with your pregnancy? What kinds of things did you end up making? If you've blogged about them, I'd love if you'd share a link in the comments below!

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