Friday, September 11, 2015

Hit Publish

Things have been pretty quiet around here, right? Seems like it's been that way off and on for a while. So much has been happening; some has been shared on my Instagram, some has not. I have several posts fully written, but never published.

I lost confidence in my voice. I'm actually getting emotional just having written that. It seems so personal, but so important to share because I will be publishing those posts. And maybe, once they're all published, I'll tell you more about the behind the scenes emotional roller coaster I'm navigating. Or maybe that's TMI. Even for a personal blog.

I'm at a blogging conference right now (#ENMNCON15), getting inspiration, building confidence, remembering why I love blogging.

Please, let me know what types of things you miss hearing about from me, and what kinds of things you'd like to read more of!

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