Tuesday, April 17, 2012

5,000 Diapers

5,000 Disposable Diapers unknown image source

 For some reason, the environment is a hot topic. Why there is any debate over whether or not to take care of this place we all live seems a little ridiculous to me, but there it is. A political firestorm. Recently, there's been a lot of debate over a study conducted in the UK over the difference in environmental impact between reusable diapers (cloth diapers) and disposable diapers. Their claim is that there is NO difference. Seriously? All the chemicals and waste just in CREATING the disposable diapers, let alone the actual diapers sitting around in a landfill sans oxygen enough for breaking down if they could.... It's a hot topic fueled by the disposable diaper industry that sees its profit margin steadily (albeit slowly) decreasing as more and more parents are choosing cloth.

image source: whatawaste.info

WhatAWaste.info is a project of the Real Diaper Association (RDA read: cloth diapers). Their aim in promoting cloth is in INFORMATION. We are inundated each and every day with how difficult diapering is and how much easier the chemicals in disposable diapers will make our lives as parents (grandparents, and caretakers). I'll be honest, when discussing the option of cloth diapers with my husband, he flat out said that if my only reasoning for using cloth was the environmental impact - that wasn't compelling enough for him. He also said the cost wasn't enough to outweigh the convenience. The real problem for him (and much of society) is a lack of REAL education. Unless you're looking for information, it's not readily available. Suffering from pre-term contractions and mild pregnancy-induced hypertension, I had PLENTY of time to lie around and research from my phone. I knew it was something I wanted to do, though. I knew about modern cloth and I knew friends I could turn to for information. Unfortunately, most people don't have that.

The Great Cloth Diaper Change (GCDC) is an opportunity for real diaper users to spread awareness and for those who are interested in seeing and learning more about cloth diapers to really immerse themselves with information.  Scheduled each year to coincide with Earth Day, the GCDC is a world-wide event billed as Guiness World Record-TM breaking. Parents will meet up at various registered locations to CHANGE CLOTH DIAPERS at the same time.  Unfortunately, the nearest location for me is over an hour away. I find it hard to justify using that much gas in an effort to advocate for less waste, but there are other ways to participate and support. Heather McNamara, executive director for the Real Diaper Association, has pledge $5 for each 1,000 diapers changed for the event. Funds raised will help support the RDA's efforts to find and use cloth (read: reusable) diapers. We are all invited to join her pledge with whatever amount we feel comfortable donating. 

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