Monday, April 30, 2012

Flat Out Less Expensive

In the world of cloth diapering, it's easy to get caught up in the fancy fabrics and cute prints. Pretty soon, some of us forget we started down this road to actually SAVE money and not just kick starting the economy.

Flats, in general, can be the least expensive option. This is what your grandmother used. It's a single layer of fabric that you fold to fit your little one. When most people talk about "real flats" they're talking about a square piece of 100% Birdseye cotton, usually about 28"x28". Some popular brands are Osocozy, Diaper Rite, Swaddlebees, and GMD. These all generally run somewhere around $2-3 each. Ikea actually carries a burp cloth (Vandring) that is the perfect size and weight for use as a flat, as well. If you're interested in higher end materials for overnight or a heavy wetter (or just because you like nice things), Hemp Babies offers Hemp Flats for $7.50. If you're lucky enough to come by one, the Orange Diaper Co. also carries Bamboo Terry Squares (flats) for $12 each plus shipping.

So what did I choose? Call me cheap, but I went with Walmart flour sack towels. At $1.97 for a set of two, I ended up with a dozen flats and I'll be throwing in a few flannel receiving blankets. I already have some micro fleece liners for naps and nighttime, and a couple sets of snappis. I just ordered some Dritz Locking Head Diaper Pins, and my husband is picking up supplies for a camp washer... I'm weirdly excited.

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