Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Diaper Rite Pocket Diaper Review

So I let you know a few weeks back that I'd won some Diaper Rite pocket diapers. Well, I'm finally ready to share my thoughts!
diaper rite pocket diaper review
Razzmatazz and Parrot

I was lucky enough to win both the stay dry, suedecloth lined pocket as well as their bamboo terry lined pocket. Before this, I really had no experience with the brand, so I was excited for the opportunity to try them out. Both diapers are one-size with a three snap rise front. N is on the petite side (she can thank her genetics for that... unless she decides her dream is to play for the WNBA, in which case, she can curse her DNA.), so she's wearing these diapers on the smallest rise right now. 

Their size guidelines go from 8-35lbs. While I can't say for sure how they would fit an 8lbs baby (they do have crossover snaps for a smaller fit in the waist), I have no trouble imagining these diapers on a toddler. G is about 35 lbs. and there is no way he'd let me put a diaper on him, but I honestly think these would fit him just fine. These diapers are cut trim between the legs, but are definitely cut generously over all.
Diaper Rite Pocket Diaper Review
bamboo terry (l) and suedecloth(r) inners
My first impression with the diapers was a little deflated. They are available in both snap closures as well as hook and loop, but I am an avid snaps girl, so that's what I requested. The diapers seemed thin, though and I was worried the snaps needed to be better reinforced. I honestly worried I would tear the snaps right now. Well, after prepping, the diapers fluffed right up, and I haven't had any problems with the snaps. I love that the small insert and the larger insert are the same thickness. Using the smaller insert with N, I don't have to worry about needing additional inserts or leaking. Granted, N is not generally the heaviest wetter, but it's nice to not have the added bulk of a large insert folded down. 

The pocket opening is a little snug, but that's thanks to elastic on both sides of the opening (instead of just one like a Blueberry Deluxe where the elastic is only on the outside layer of the pocket). I like the extra elastic, and feel like it helps keep the insert in and away from baby's sensitive skin. 

One thing that I did discover that is a problem for some people is that Diaper Rite diapers are manufactured in China. I messaged the company to see if they had any kind of statement regarding that, but they haven't gotten back to me at this time. One reason companies manufacture their goods in China is for the low overhead costs. 

And seriously - the savings (at least in this case) are definitely passed on to the consumer. The Diaper Rite One Size Pocket Diaper with stay dry lining is normally only $9.95, and the Bamboo Pocket is regularly $11.95. Lucky you - there was a mishap with the manufacturer and the prices are EVEN LOWER. $8.60 for Bamboo and $7.66 for Suedecloth.This shipment is missing TWO SNAPS. On the whole diaper. Two. And those are only needed if you are diapering an itty bitty baby. The two diapers I got were part of this shipment, and those missing snaps did nothing to detract from how well these diapers work for us. This is a seriously great deal - even at the regular price. They fit great, work great, feel soft, and Parrot is my new favorite diaper color. I definitely recommend people try these.
Diaper Rite Pocket Diaper Review
nice and comfy in her Diaper Rite Bamboo

Currently, Diaper Rite Pocket Diapers is exclusively sold through Diaper Junction.

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