Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Camping Trip

This weekend was our first time camping with cloth (N's first camping trip ever). This was also my first time camping in almost two years. Needless to say, a few tricks for making the trip go smoother had been forgotten. And I have a major sunburn on my back & shoulders that makes me wish I could sleep it off. Oh yeah, and it rained pretty much the whole second day. As far as the diapers went, though, it all went off without a hitch. I brought a dozen GMD flats, plus a few receiving blankets, some diaper pins, fleece liners, and my Thirsties Duo Wraps.
a GMD flat folded up in front of some flour sack towels
Once the car was unloaded, I set up the back of our Explorer as a pretty sweet changing station. I even left our suitcase in there. I don't have a dedicated changing pad (but oooh I would love to get one), so I folded up a fleece blanket to lay N on. I had my bag of diapers and wipes to the side and hung my large Planet Wise hanging wetbag from a hook in the car. Worked like a charm.
the ONLY picture I got of the kids on this trip

This trip served as a good run through for our next big (longer AND further from home) camping trip. This was also my second trip using GMD flats exclusively. Whatever love for flats I developed during the Flats Challenge while using flour sack towels has increased by about 1,000 with these flats. They're bigger (I bought green edge/ large), thicker, more absorbent, and somehow flatter. Not flatter as in thinner, obviously. I mean, I don't feel the need to iron these just to get a decent fold. They stay pretty square AND the edges don't curl up. I still want to get a half dozen Swaddlebees flats to try out, but I am VERY happy I got these.
N helping me with diaper laundry after the camping trip

On a side note, this stuff is AMAZING. I got the tip from So Hollywood on Twitter. She read about the bad sunburn and suggested I try coconut water - to drink as well as to apply directly to your sunburn. She equated it to the magical healing powers of breastmilk.
It's been years since I've had a burn this bad (I'll spare you the pictures), but I am not blistered or peeling and I think this had something to do with it... just a little FYI for you as we're getting into the swing of summer. 

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