Thursday, February 21, 2013

How I Ruin Everything

Sort of.  Okay, so the whole title may be one big slight-exaggeration. Only time will tell?

You may have heard the story of how I ruined Thanksgiving dinner this past year.

1. I turned the oven on. It was the night before and I was baking a cake. I preheated the oven without checking to be sure it was empty. Turned out the turkey was in there to thaw... still wrapped in plastic. Pure. Awesome.

2. I salted the stuffing. Some people call it stuffing, some people call it dressing. While I was making ours, I went to sprinkle a little salt on and the lid fell off the shaker. We tried to salvage it, but it was... salty. No one had seconds.

3. I broke a bowl. While rummaging for ingredients in the fridge, I knocked a glass bowl out & onto the ceramic tile. It never had a chance. Glass went everywhere.

It was like I was trying to ruin dinner.

The other night N peed on the blue bath mat in our bathroom. Against my better judgement, I tossed it in the wash with our towels.

1. The towels actually belong to my mom.

2. The towels were white.

You get the picture.
the picture <literal>

Sometimes it feels like I'm moving in a fog and just honestly don't know what I'm doing. Ever have days like that?

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  1. This is my life. Only, with more turkeys. Sorry love. Happens to all of us- you're not alone! :)

    1. It definitely makes me feel better when I'm not the only one! Rough days, right? :-)