Monday, February 25, 2013

More Advice on Running from an Amateur

When I began running again at the beginning of January, it was so hard, I generally had one thought on repeat the whole time. "Heel, toe, heel, toe." Basically, it was a reminder to keep running. Land on your heel, rock onto your toe, and bounce off. The difference (for me) between running and walking.

A few weeks later and my mantra became "knees, knees, knees." Lift your knees, don't drag your feet.
The higher I get my knees, the longer my stride, and the further and faster I can go. Work smarter, not harder, right? As if lifting my knees weren't hard work. I wouldn't have to remind myself if it wasn't.

Those basic reminds still click on in my head at times, but more often than not, there's this internal argument going on. Pretty much it goes something like this:

Runner Me: Okay, to that second driveway past the next set of mailboxes this time - GO!
Sane Me: You are freaking crazy! You are insane! I'm going to die if I do that!
SM: Shut up! I'm going! It hurts! I'm grunting up this hill and you are crazy!

Tip: If you want to be a runner, listen to the runner within. Otherwise, you're just another sane person complaining about how hard running is.

On a side note: I took advantage and downloaded the pro version of the Runtastic app recently when they offered it for free (one day only). Awesome ensues.
my first recorded run
my most recent run before getting sick
Okay, so averaging 13:25 min/mi may not be awesome for some people, and my goal is to get under 10:30 so I can run Hood to Coast, but it's still satisfying seeing the marked improvement. Getting faster WHILE running further? That is something I am proud of.
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