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SLS3 Compression Sock Review and Giveaway (closed)

Recently, I was contacted by Sebastian Linke. If you haven't heard of him, he's a triathlete who also happens to own his very own company focused on compression and triathlon gear.
via SLS3®
SLS3® has an awesome selection for men and women. Their back-story is pretty inspiring in and of itself. SLS3® was created, owned and operated by a husband and wife team who have both logged some serious hours as triathletes. When they first began the company, they only produced four items - a tri suit, top, shorts, and socks: the basic essentials for a triathlon. Their inventory has grown, but their attention to detail has stayed as stringent as ever. In fact, they even boast they have a defectives return rate of LESS THAN 0.5%.

Anyway, I thought it was pretty awesome timing when Sebastian emailed me because I had JUST signed up to do my very first sprint triathlon next month. Talk about stars aligning, right? He offered me a pair of their compression socks for use and review and I knew I couldn't say no.

What sets these socks apart from other compression socks I've tried in the past is they truly utilize graduated compression. What this means is more comfort without losing the benefits of compression technology.

This is from the SLS3® site:

According to our research (based on the results of 37 international sport compression studies) it is beneficiary to wear compression garments during exercise if you:
1) want to improve maximal strength, sprint performance and jumping height,
2) want to influence your oxygen intake and lactate concentration (endurance),
3) want to increase your stamina.
For compression during recovery you should know that:
1) Lactate concentration tends to go away quicker while wearing compression wear,
2) Muscle pain and swelling is reduced through wearing of compression gear,
3) Maximal jumping, sprint and power performance recover quicker while wearing compression gear.
SLS3® Compression Socks - Keeping It Cool!
The special material used for the SLS3 Compression Sport Socks is designed to keep you cool when wet due to sweat or extra water applied on the Sox. The cooling effect will you to keep your body temperature down ( especially in extreme hot races like Hawaii ) which results in an improvement of performance.

You can click here to read even more about how compression apparel works.

I can attest to the fact that these socks are super comfortable. Like any compression sock, it's a little more work to put on, but I can definitely feel the difference in my calves and up around my knees. The compression is working, but it's not cutting off circulation. On a recent camping trip, I slept in some different compression socks (for added warmth as well as a little recovery time from all the hiking!) and I had red welts just under my knees where the top of the socks hit. The SLS3® socks do not leave that painful red mark. The graduated compression means they aren't as tight in your calves as they are at your ankles - where you need the most compression.

As for the cooling factor - I wore my socks under long pants, on a long bike ride, in the middle of a sunny summer day. I'd say it's not just a gimmick. I was pleasantly surprised to not be overheated. Well, at least not more overheated than I would have been wearing ankle socks. I think that still says quite a bit.

While these socks don't have the focused compression in the arch that I've appreciated so much in other socks, I honestly didn't notice any lack in support. I actually liked that there was less compression in the heel and toe compared to the rest of the foot, too. Honestly, these are my new favorite socks!

If you would like to try a pair of these amazing socks, I've been given an awesome discount code for my readers to use: SLS325 gets you 25% off instantly during all online or phone orders (not valid for sales or custom items). And if you're feeling lucky - Sebastian even threw in an extra pair for one of my readers! These are the same size and style that I am now lucky enough to own - pink butterflies in size S/M (shoe size 8-10). Just fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter! The giveaway runs from now through August 11.
via SLC3
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I was given a pair of compression socks to review and a pair to give away, but I was not compensated in any other way for this post. As always, all views and opinions are my own. 

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