Friday, September 6, 2013

Lessons Learned: New Year Goals

In the last week, I came across some blog posts that I found particularly inspiring that I wanted to share. They're both running related, but I honestly believe the ideas can be applied in a lot of ways.

So here are the posts: Jessica of runladylake shared her race recap from the Hood to Coast, and Amanda of The Lady Oakie shared her 2013 New Year's Resolutions Completed.

Reading Jessica's post really inspired me to work harder on my running. I love how she talks about trying new things and believing in yourself as much as others do. I definitely have trouble with that - I'm always second guessing.

And Amanda? Holy cow - It's barely September and she's finished all her resolutions for the year? How many of us finish even one in 12 months?

So this is what I say: Who needs to wait for January 1st to set some new goals?
set goals to achieve goals

1. Run an average 9min mile. Right now, I'm closer to 11. It will be pretty impressive to shave those two minutes off in the next 12 months. I was able to run a 7 min mile in high school, so I refuse to say it's impossible! Prepare yourself to hear about more races, because you know that's how I keep myself motivated. Also, I love running races.

2. Finally run my first half marathon. I had a plan to compete in a trail run in October, but it sold out within an hour. So now I'm in search of another. I try not to run on Sundays, and do you have any idea how difficult it is to find a half marathon on a Saturday? They aren't that rare, but there are far more that take place on Sundays.

3. Run the Hood to Coast. Since I was in high school, I've had friends running this race. Before becoming pregnant with N, I decided it was time to finally commit. So now I'm really, really ready to commit. I will find a team to join and run the Hood to Coast in 2014.

4. Reach my 40lbs weight loss goal. At this point, I'm only 18lbs away. I can do it. You didn't think all these goals would be specific to running, did you?

5. Write more. This isn't really a blogging goal, necessarily. I used to write all the time. Recently I came across a folder of writing from an English class I took in college. I've always enjoyed writing. Now the only writing I do is here. I guess I should look on the positive side - at least I'm doing some kind of writing. I just want to do more. I want to write stories and poems. And I know they aren't very good, but I still like it.

And, I think that's good for now. Maybe once I've crossed something off, I can add something. Or maybe the next time I read some really inspiring blogs. Either way, I want to be held more accountable than at other times that I've set goals for myself on this blog that have gotten lost along the way. I'm going to set up a tab above so I can keep track.

Do you set goals for yourself? Are you good about following through? Better than me, I hope! 

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