Friday, September 20, 2013

The Film Triathlon and Honeymoon Revisited

A few weekends ago (actually, immediately following The Color Run™), my husband packed up his car and left town for over a week. His destination? Astoria, Oregon for The Film Triathlon. If you've been following this blog for a while, you might remember my husband pays the bills with his multi-media production company Vivid Frame Media (VFM).

Honestly, I didn't even know these type of film competitions existed before. The teams checked in on a Saturday night for the opening ceremony where they were assigned a genre (VFM got "after school special"). Then, they were given 5 days to write, film, edit, and score an original short film.

I stayed home with the kids, but the following Friday, I left the kids home with my parents and made the drive out to attend the screening and awards ceremony.

Unfortunately, some last minute issues with a failing hard drive as well as (computer) difficulties rendering caused the team to submit their entry just 20 minutes past the deadline. This put them out of the running for the grand prize, but they were still eligible for categorical prizes. In the end, they took home Best Score, and some inspiration and motivation to participate in more film festivals. I should say here that I am immensely proud of my husband and the work they produced. I honestly believe they could have placed had they not been disqualified.

The competition ended on a Friday evening, but we had our hotel room at the Astoria Riverwalk Inn through the following Sunday. Being that this was only the second time we've stayed anywhere overnight without the kids, and the fact that we actually honeymooned in Astoria way back when... Voila! Romantic Weekend Getaway!

We really didn't do anything to exciting, except ALL THE THINGS WITHOUT KIDS. Don't get me wrong - I missed them, and it would have been so fun to include them, but that bike ride to the cannery? The two trips up the Astoria Column? And that misadventure on the tandem bike just because? Yeah, that probably wouldn't have happened.

Mostly, it was a weekend of enjoying each other's company, wandering around the little coastal town, laughing a lot, and not worrying so much about everything going on in our day-to-day lives back home. It was fun and refreshing. I wouldn't leave my kids every weekend, but I think it's so important to do things like this occasionally. It was a nice reminder to focus on our relationship instead of always putting the kids first (not that they don't deserve it sometimes!).

We're trying to make our marriage a greater priority. What are some things you do to strengthen your marriage and keep your relationship fresh? 

If you're interested in viewing all the submissions to The Film Triathlon 2013, you can check out their Vimeo page HERE. And if you just want to see the short film by my husband and his team, you can go directly HERE. You'll recognize my husband as Peter. 

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