Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baby's Breakfast Sandwich: a pregnancy craving

For the most part, my cravings have been confined to ALL THE FRUIT. I may be baking things in the kitchen every other day, but the only things I really want to eat consistently has been fruit - oranges, apples, grapes. I'm honestly not a huge breakfast foods person unless I'm at a restaurant, and then I have a whole list of foods I want. I'm not sure why I've had such a big focus on breakfast lately. Through the beginning of this pregnancy, all I wanted was fruit and yogurt for breakfast. Last week... I came across this breakfast sandwich and that's all I could think of. I tried recreating it the best I could with what I already had. Let me say, it's an amazing sandwich, but a little (LOT) heavy. Every day since then, I've been working to create some kind of breakfast sandwich, and this is pretty much what I've landed on.

Of course, I can't have just a heavy breakfast sandwich - I had to add some fruit in somehow. All. Day. Long. This day in particular I added a sliced orange. mmm... I might go have another orange right now...

Baby's Breakfast Sandwich 

Olive Oil
Baby Spinach
Sliced Ham (lunch meat)
Sliced Cheese
Tapatio (or your favorite hot sauce)
Sliced Avocado


  • Lightly toast then butter your bread. 
  • You can use whichever combination of ingredients that you want, but this is what I've landed on. 
  • Quickly saute a handful of baby spinach in some olive oil as the first layer in your sandwich. 
  • Fry up that lunch meat - for added flavor as well as safety. Lunch meat is considered possibly unsafe for preggies unless heated hot due to listeria. Lay your ham on top of your spinach. 
  • Fry your egg, then melt a slice of cheese on top. Or leave out the cheese. I put cheese on this morning, but I don't always. It definitely makes the sandwich sit heavier in your stomach. Place the egg on top of your ham, then sprinkle a little Tapatio to taste. 
  • Next, lay a few slices of avocado on top, and place your other bread slice on that. Slice in half and you're ready to eat! 

PLEASE share your favorite breakfast creations with me! I'd love to try them out. I think after a week straight of breakfast sandwich combinations, I'm ready to try something else. 

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