Monday, January 13, 2014

Big Changes

New Year, New Goals, Clean Slate, Big Changes 2014

There have been a lot of changes in our family this past year.
  • One of my aunts moved in with us, and that was a HUGE transition. I'll be honest, I still haven't made the adjustment completely. 
  • My grandma, who moved in with my family when I was a toddler, passed away. 
  • Three of my uncles also passed away - one of which is the father of my 17 and 19 year old cousins who are like my younger brother and sister. 

It was a hard year for our family. Not really the best. There were good times, but the hard times still over-shadow most of the year. So 2014 is a great time for a fresh start, and a clean slate.

It's time for something big.

Last January, you may remember, I had a bit of a "pregnancy scare." I thought I might be pregnant, realized I wanted to be, then found out I wasn't pregnant after all. This year, I'm ready. I'm really ready. In fact, I am so ready to be pregnant again, I'm already 4 months along!

Baby #3 Announcement

I actually really took my time letting people know about this pregnancy. Even my husband wasn't let in on the secret until I was about 2 months along. When I found out, my uncle had just gone into the hospital for the final time, and life was so hectic. It felt like I would be drawing attention away from where it belonged. Honestly, I also didn't want people worrying over me when I was trying to do stuff to help. We finally shared the news with both our families right around Thanksgiving, and now I'm sharing the news with you! My official due date is June 11, but I never give much credence to that. Both my kids were born at least one week before their due dates. This one will probably come a week late! Either way, my aunts are convinced this baby will be lucky.

So expect lots more baby related posts to come! What about you? Any fun or exciting changes happening in your lives? 
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