Thursday, April 18, 2013

Have I Done Any Good?

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The other day, a Twitter friend took the time to go back through old pictures I'd posted and comment on them. She asked questions and showed a sincere interest in what I had put out there. We were laughing (or at least typing LOL, I guess I can't say for sure that she was laughing too... ahaha) and making jokes. And it lifted me. You know it's not like I post super serious, super sentimental pictures on twitter (or you do if you follow me), but it still made me feel cared about - the way you should feel in any healthy relationship (friendship). And it made me realize how lonely I let myself become sometimes. Loneliness for me is longing for those interactions, for the attention and the back and forth, the give and take. This seemingly meaningless exchange over Twitter had the power to abate that loneliness for a time well beyond the actual conversation. 

There's sort of a stupid and simple concept here. (Stupid because it is so simple.) Be friendly. A woman I knew once said that a compliment not spoken is the same as an insult. That was her philosophy with her own actions, at least, and it was great. If she liked your shoes, your headband, a point you made in a discussion, whatever - she did not keep it to herself. She made a point to share good thoughts. People definitely appreciate it, whether or not they ever tell you. So, don't keep those positive thoughts to yourself. It's not always obvious who needs lifting or how you might lift them with a single comment.

What have you done or what has been done for you lately that has been uplifting?

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