Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Me at the PNW Blogger Spring Meetup

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So I survived another blogger social networking event. You haven't been reading this blog long if you don't think that's a big deal.
bloggers socializing... effortlessly
I really think I did a lot better this time with my socializing (although that doesn't mean there weren't times when I found myself standing alone, checking twitter because I had no one to talk to). It was so fun getting to see Meghan and Kendra again, whom I met at the last meetup. I think it gave me a little bit of a confidence boost to actually know someone walking in. I met a ton more awesome ladies too, and I am super excited to keep in touch via twitter, our blogs (obviously), and future events like this. I was terrible at taking pictures, but I was good about handing out cards. I'm pretty sure I gave out twice as many cards as last time, which is a good thing. I think my goal for next time will be to bite the bullet and actually ask those virtual strangers to be photographed with me. I love seeing the pictures other people have posted, so it is beyond me why I didn't ask anyone to pose with me in some pictures of my own. Social anxiety and insecurity, I guess. But I'm getting better!

As always, Chelsey and Jenni did an amazing job organizing the event. First of all - the goodie bag and the prizes? Awesome. I cannot tell you how many compliments I have already received on the cutest hair pin from Folding Chair Designs. You really need to check out her shop. These amazing earrings from Moorea Seal were also included in my bag! And one of the best things? I won something! $50 to Teres Kids! All organic kids clothing, and all super cute. I need to narrow down my choices and place my order.

The location was pretty fun too. Von Trapp's is essentially a Bavarian beer pub. The vibe was high energy with lots of authentic German foods and indoor bocce courts.
I actually didn't even realize what a hopping place it was until I went to leave and saw the bouncer and the line of people down the street waiting to go in. I felt like one of the cool girls... leaving the party early, apparently. haha Oh well. It was the first time since having kids(5-1/2 years!) that my husband and I have been out overnight on our own. I had better things to do.
some of the cool kids playing bocce... or drinking and pretending to play
I really quickly want to share with you a list of all the other bloggers I met so you can check out their amazing blogs and learn all about them with me.

Alycia @ www.cupofting.com
Brittany @ wheremysoulbelongs.com
Carina @ www.carinalee.com
Erika @ atinyrocket.com
Jaime @ thebloggerwrench.com
Jessica @ ohsoantsy.com
Kayti @ www.kaytivstheworld.com
Linnea @ linneapaulina.com
Lindsy @ LMRphotos.com
Mona @ www.heymona.com
Rachel @ andthen-shesnapped.com
Ruthy @ www.discoverystreet.net
Spencer @ www.12ozbeehouse.com

I told you I did a good job meeting people! I also met this really great girl named Amanda who I could have sworn up and down gave me her card... but I have no idea what happened to it. So... Amanda, if you ever come across this post - I didn't forget about you! Hopefully, I'm not leaving anyone else out...

If you're heading to a networking event soon, this post by Ruthy is a must read: How to not be awkward at a blogger meetup. I'm pretty sure I will be reading it again before I go to my next meetup!

Sometimes I feel like I'm not a "legitimate" blogger, but going to these meetups really gives me a sense of confirmation and inspires me to do more with my blog. I don't imagine this will ever become a career for me, but I really enjoy doing it. I want to be better at this (for you and for me). Maybe I'll take a class or go to a conference... any suggestions?

Have you been to any meetups like this before? How did you get past your nerves? And what is your opinion on bocce? Ever played? 

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