Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Little Chef

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When G was 2, he asked me for an apron. I always wore mine when baking, and G has always loved helping me in the kitchen. I made a pattern based on my apron and gave it to him for his third birthday. He still wears it, but now it's become part of a Mario or Luigi costume (in lieu of overalls). Of course, now little sister wants her own apron. I no longer have the pattern I made nearly three years ago, so I made a new one based on G's apron.
I made big pockets because pockets were always important to G, but N doesn't seem to care if she has them or not. She just cares that she's wearing an apron if her big brother has his on. I guess that means it's a win, right? Because now she's not trying to rip G's head off to get his apron from him? And, I think she's adorable in her apron (to be honest, I think she's adorable all the time, though.)

So because N's apron turned out so cute (in my opinion), I've been inspired to add a few to my etsy shop!
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If you think your little chef or baker (or Mario brother!) would like their own apron, please be sure to check out the listing!

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