Friday, May 24, 2013

What I Like About You (I mean, Me)

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In my time as a Shaklee Blogger I've had a lot of time to consider my motivation and my goals. It definitely helps to step back and get a little perspective at times.

Very few people can truly say they love every part of themselves. Everyone (I hope) has at least some part of themselves that they like. Cori at Olive to Run did a really great post not too long ago on how she views her body - both good and bad. I would be waking up in an absolute dream to have a body as fit as, so it was interesting to see her take on things.

Clearly, I am not 100% okay with my own body, or else I wouldn't be working so hard to lose weight. I have some other issues with my body that aren't related to the extra pounds, but like I said before my goal is to be more positive.

Here we go: My favorite traits physically are 1) my eyes. I have hazel colored eyes and I have always loved how they change color with my mood and the weather. In the sixth grade, my teacher (a great woman everyone loved) complimented my eyes - the color and the shape, in front of the entire class. I never felt prettier, and I guess that stuck with me. 2) my teeth. They're nice and straight, I've never needed braces, and I've only need 2 fillings. (Despite the controversy, I attribute that to growing up with fluoridated water.)

Now for one of my favorite character traits: I'm funny. If no one else agrees - my toddler and my preschooler do. (Oftentimes, my husband is left just shaking his head like I imagine Victor often does.) The 3 and 4 year olds I teach in Sunday School might also possibly agree. I also love my laugh. People used to make fun of my laugh when I was younger, saying I sounded like a chipmunk. Now that I'm older, I generally get my laugh compared to preschoolers. I don't mind. Preschoolers are fun, and aren't their laughs the greatest?

What are some things you most appreciate about yourself? I love when people share the love. Tell someone you know something you love about them and then let me know how it made you feel!
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