Monday, June 24, 2013

Cloth Diapers for My Newborn

cloth diapering a newborn

Okay, so I don't have a newborn, or any prospects for one, but I've for some reason been giving this a lot of thought lately. As you may remember, I didn't use cloth diapers for G at all, and didn't start N in them until she was nearly a month old. I totally missed out on that adorable newborn cloth diaper squishiness. With so many friends and new acquaintances giving birth or about to, I've been thinking what I would be stocking up on if I were them. Although there are some affiliate links included, this is honestly and truly where I would put my money if I were expecting a baby right now.

But why buy newborn diapers when they'll only last a couple months? First of all, I have one size diapers. They did not work well for N when she was a newborn. She was tiny and they seemed huge. Resale for newborn diapers is really great because they generally stay in fantastic condition through multiple babies. Your initial investment will be far less than you would pay for 2-3 months of disposable diapers, but if you still don't want to make the investment, you can always rent and return for store credit. And besides, you definitely want something that fits well in that super-runny-bm newborn stage.

geffen baby newborn fitted cloth diaper
Geffen Baby newborn fitted 
I would choose fitted diapers with covers over all in ones. Geffen Baby recently got their fitteds in stock and they are amazing. N had the kind of mess that you can only imagine would be all over everything, and this diaper contained it all. It wasn't even on the cover. Amazing, right? Of course, this is no surprise considering I love everything Geffen Baby. Their newborn fitteds are $5.26 each, making the total $126.24 for a stash of 24 (which is the amount I, and many others, would recommend for a full stash). These fitteds are closure-less, which means they won't stay on by themselves. I'd get at least two Snappis or a few sets of pins. I would prefer the closure-less because you can get a more exact fit, and at this age you're not worrying about baby rolling around fighting diaper changes while you're trying to get the diaper on. If you think you'd feel more comfortable with some kind of included closures, Green Mountain Diapers offers their Workhorse Organic fitted in a newborn size and for only a few cents more - making your investment $132.
green mountain diapers workhorse organic newborn fitted
Green Mountain Diapers Workhorse™ Organic Fitted

Because this style of diaper is not waterproof (although they are very absorbent), you will need some kind of cover. Wool and fleece soakers (covers) are great options. Fleece covers are also very affordable and easy to make yourself. Just search for the Katrina pattern. (or click here for it). I love wool, but it can get spendy. For the purpose of this blog post, I would make a few fleece covers, but rely mostly on Thirsties Duo Wraps in size 1. These run about $12.50 each for solid colors. 4 covers total should be enough, but 6 would be a safer bet.
Thirsties Duo Wrap

Have you used newborn cloth diapers? What's your recommendation? Do you prefer fitteds, prefolds, or all-in-ones? And do you have any experience buying or selling them used?

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