Monday, June 10, 2013

My Take on the CottonBabies $1 Sale

From the time I first heard of the Cotton Babies $1 Sale, I've been wanting to go. With only 3 retail locations in the world (2 of which are in St. Louis, Missouri), only the few and fortunate get the opportunity to actually attend. Of all the misfortunes of our most recent move, there is the HUGE upside that we are now near the Vancouver store. The last sale was MONTHS ago, but I'm just finally getting around to sharing my experience.

This is not a sponsored post - just a review of my hugely exciting to me as a cloth diapering parent shopping trip where I spent my own money. However, affiliate links may be included which would benefit myself and this blog if you choose to purchase anything through them. 

peaking in through the window, waiting for the sale to start

I bought a ticket the day they went on sale and happily arrived at their door an hour early. (I feel I should note that while I was near the front of the line, I was not the first in line.) If you follow me on Twitter, you already know my husband came along. I should say right here that although my husband would have you believe he was the only man in attendance he was, in fact, not.

Contrary to what some or a lot of people might believe the $1 sale does not mean that all the diapers only cost $1. All sale items (and I'm talking about the super-only-for-the-$1-sale items) are used or seconds. "Seconds" are second quality, brand new items from the manufacturer. These are all Cotton Babies lines: bumGenius, Flip, and Econobum. Our goal for this venture was to stock up on All-In-Ones, so that's all I really talk about here. For the record, though, they had everything from Flip original organic inserts to 4.0 newborn inserts, Flip and Econobum covers, Freetimes, and Elementals.

Before the sale, all the diapers are individually sorted based on style (all-in-one, pocket, cover, insert) and condition. 

Last Chance diapers are the $1 diapers, and they are very limited. If you are at all interested in these, get in line early! There is a limit to the number you can buy, and unless you're a pretty skilled seamstress, these might not be worth your $1. However, since I was so close to the front, I was able to snag a few of these in great shape. One just needed some serious sunning, while the other were in need of some fresh elastic. If you've ever replaced the elastic in a 4.0 (pocket diaper), this is actually not much more difficult. In fact, I'll be sharing a quick tutorial hopefully soon.
a "last chance" diaper getting some sun

Honestly, even the most "expensive" options were an unbelievably good deal. I walked away with 11 all in one diapers by bumGenius and only spent about $40. I wish I would have bought more!
my $1 sale haul
Have you gotten any good deals lately? Where do you normally find them? Do you frequent thrift shops and consignment stores? What about Black Friday? My husband called the $1 Sale "THE Black Friday for Cloth Diapers."

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