Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kitchen Science: Babbabox Review

Back in December I shared the experience G and I had with Babbabox. Recently, they overhauled the packages they offer allowing for some more affordable options. Jessica (the creator and CEO of BabbaCo) reached out and offered up the opportunity to do a review on one of their new packages. I wish I could explain to you how G's eyes lit up when I told him we'd be getting another Babbabox!

This time the theme was Kitchen Science. They sent us a preview video before shipping the actual package and G was so excited, he had to watch it over and over. Kitchen Science is everything we, as adults, may imagine it to be. My husband was actually pretty excited when I told him the theme - anticipating the vinegar and baking soda volcano. We were not disappointed!

What we got is one of the more "scaled down" options. Compared to our last box, there was no book, no app, and no "mom" gift. While we certainly appreciated those things, this box was so packed full of fun activities, G didn't even miss them! The kids put their aprons on, and we totally got into it.
Kitchen Science Babbabox by BabbaCo

We got to make a rubber ball, "magic mud" (which was N's favorite), an oozing volcano, and even a lava lamp. And, we got to mark off each "experiment" with a gold star once they were done! This may seem small, but G and I love getting our gold stars. G also LOVES being a kitchen scientist, and N loved playing with the experiments once he finished them.

And, thanks to my husband, here's a little video of all the fun we had:

Being on a budget, as I think most people are these days, I can really appreciate the value in the smaller options they've made available. And right now, you can even get $10 off a new monthly or annual membership with coupon code BABBACO10 In my opinion, after having been lucky enough to try a Babbabox from two different months, an awesome bonus is knowing that each month has a completely new theme. Your kids will not get bored, and neither will you.

So let me know if you if you take advantage of the coupon code! Do you have a favorite monthly subscription box right now? It seems like you can get them for everything now! 

Disclosure: We were given this Babbabox free of charge for review, but I was not compensated in any way to write this post. As always, all views and opinions are my own!
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