Friday, January 4, 2013

Ringing in the New Year with a Bang

(or not)

Warning: This post relates somewhat to my menstrual cycle. And babies. And unprotected s3x, apparently. If you don't want to read it, please don't.

Like a lot of women these days (or so I imagine as I write this), I keep track of my cycle using an app on my phone. Following my latest period at the start of December, my little app declared my average cycle to be 26 days long. I'm still regulating since having N, but it seemed a safe bet.

I guess I should back the train up a bit right here. After I had G, I knew I didn't want a surprise blessing baby on his first birthday, so I opted for an IUD. This worked great for me personally (I know it's a fail for some), but I opted for a daily pill after N. Clearly, I was not thinking things through. I didn't stay on the pill 6 months before deciding it was too much of a hassle. I was on it for years before having kids with no complaints, I should say. As if that matters. The point being, two-fold. I'm not on a hormone based birth control (that's 1) that would also happen to regulate my cycles (and that's the second thing).

So our current birth control is now a condom. The problem with a condom is actually having to use it. With your spouse. Of 6+ years. After years of not needing/wanting to. We were good about it at first, but we've been more or less dodging bullets more and more often. 

And now you're pretty much up to speed for this post.

Cycle Day 26: Nothing. Not a big deal, only once in the past 3 months have I had a cycle exactly 26 days long. But - my last cycle was only 25 days...

Cycle Day 27: Nervous. Could I be pregnant? It's possible... it really is.

Cycle Day 28: I'm pregnant. Crap. How will I explain this to my husband? This is TERRIBLE timing. He will not survive this. Maybe I should take a pregnancy test.

Cycle Day 29: How could I not be thrilled with another baby? Answer: I am. What are some possible names... I wonder if we could wait to find out the gender this time? I'm really okay with this and happy about it. I still need a test. Wait. Crap. Hello Aunt Flo. Sudden disappointment over not actually being pregnant in the first place.

super simple, right?

Moral to the story? I should have just taken a test as soon as the thought occurred to me. Also, I'm glad I didn't tell my husband. Also, I need a more "reliable" birth control method...

I can't be the only person who goes insane over a late period, right? Do you have any stories to make me feel less crazy? And what is your policy on when to test when you're NOT TTC?

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  1. I track my period by taking my temperature each morning. That way I have a pretty good idea of when I ovulated and when to expect my period. If we're not TTC, I'd wait until I've missed my period. If we're TTC, I start testing 3-5 days before AF is due.

    1. It's so frustrating when my cycle isn't regular yet. I definitely need to finish reading TCOYF. I've only read the intro so far.