Friday, February 7, 2014

Be Mom Strong

Be Mom Strong: free fitness program w support & guidance from personal trainer @bemomstrong #bemomstrong
Some of you may be curious how I've been doing with all my fitness goals since becoming pregnant. You wouldn't be completely off base to think I set a lot of those to the side for the time being. I've definitely allowed myself to indulge in some extra treats with the "but I'm pregnant" mentality. Same goes for letting my regular exercise routine go to the way side.

Fortunately, thanks to some great habits I picked up through Shaklee, I'm getting through this pregnancy a whole lot healthier than my last two. It's taken me 20 weeks to gain the amount of weight I've normally put on in my first trimester alone. (You can imagine the related health issues I dealt with as a result of gaining so much weight so quickly!) This time, I'm indulging some, but being mindful of what I'm indulging in, how much, and how often. I'm trying to stay active, and I've genuinely referenced this guest post by Emma along the way. I even bought myself a maternity belt so I can get back into running (this belly DOES NOT want to stay put on runs, and it is SO uncomfortable to put up with). Unfortunately, I haven't gotten the chance to put it to the test, what with the rain and snow. But I promise to hang up the excuses before too long!

So if you're like me, and looking for some new exercise routines, here's something for you to do: check out Emma's new venture - Be Mom Strong. Trust me, it's not just for moms. It is, however, an excellent resource for busy people wanting to stay active and fit. It is also a great resource for people NOT wanting to spend a lot of money.

Along with fellow certified personal trainer and nutritional specialist, Caitlin, Emma shows you how to do real workouts with a real mom's schedule. Both ladies are even pregnant (CONGRATULATIONS, ladies!). All you have to do is subscribe to their YouTube channel, and you will get FREE workouts delivered to your inbox on a regular basis. Follow their Facebook page, and interact with these personal trainers WHENEVER YOU NEED THEM. They also have a Twitter account and an Instagram account you need to check out. And the very best part? You can get their top-notch advice and instruction for absolutely no charge!

Still need a reason to Be Mom Strong? Check out this video by Emma: 

What does it mean to you to be "mom strong"? What are some goals you have as a mom or parent - fitness related or otherwise? 

I was absolutely NOT compensated for this post. I just believe in what Emma is doing. You know that I didn't grow up with strong role models in my home for keeping a fit & healthy lifestyle, so I have enormous love and respect for what these ladies are working to accomplish. Your health is so very important, but no one can do the work for you. These ladies can help, though. 
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