Friday, February 28, 2014

The Color Run: 2014 Kaleidoscope Tour

You may (or may not) remember when my husband and I did The Color Run in Portland this past fall. SO. MUCH. FUN. Seriously. Well this year, they're back - bigger and better than ever.

I told you before, I didn't know what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised by our experience. In fact, the thing I was MOST disappointed with was that I'd left my son at home. This is really a happy place, and a truly family friendly event. Don't feel like you'll be out of place if you don't have kids or if you leave your kids at home, just know (in my personal opinion) kids will actually love it. I think my 2 year old may or may not have appreciated the color being thrown at her throughout the course, but I can pretty much guarantee my (now) 6 year old will LOVE it.

In the interest of full disclosure, I'll tell you this - I'm being compensated with free registration for posting about this, but you already knew I love The Color Run and wrote about it before without being compensated. I wouldn't promote an event I don't believe in, folks.

Go to and search for the city nearest you. This event takes place all around the world, so definitely don't count yourself out before checking. You can even use the code COLOR5OFF to get $5 off a registration to any city.

Note: Code must be entered at time of registration, cannot be retro-applied. Also, please type the code in, do not copy/paste. Not for use with other promotions or sales. 

Go to to sign up and register. Then, once you've completed your runs (or even, WHILE you're running), be sure to share your pictures with me on Instagram and/or Twitter with the hashtag #Happiest5k. That way I can see you in all your colorful, kaleidoscope glory. 

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