Monday, July 30, 2012

Baby Onya; Onya Baby Carrier Review

What I discovered after becoming a mom is that babywearing is so much easier than carrying around carseats or lugging strollers in & out of the trunk. I started out with just a wrap, then added a podegi, and finally a soft structured carrier (Beco) that a friend sold me at a really great price after N was born.
Honestly, at that point the only SSC I'd even heard of was the Baby Björn. I was learning about Beco, and Ergo, and Boba... And then Onya. I don't know how every other carrier stacks up, but these people have got it figured out.
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You have the option to do a front carry, back carry, and even use it on a chair when you're out and about without the option of a high chair to keep your little one strapped in. N actually enjoys being carried on my back in the Onya. She sits up higher & can just see over my shoulders.In my other SSC, she actually cries if I put her on my back (food for thought).
happily riding on my back in our Onya Baby carrier
On our last camping trip, we were comfortably able to hike for hours. The padding on my shoulders and the padding on the leg rails are phenomenal. And they would have to be to keep up with G.
They have two versions of their carrier - the Outback and the Cruiser. I have the Cruiser. The Outback is marketed as being better for warmer climates, with a more breathable liner. I didn't have any issues with feeling overheated in the Cruiser, though. And N had no trouble falling asleep and staying asleep while being packed around in it. 
asleep in the hood
The morning she woke up at 5am and thought it would be good to jump on G and scream at all of us because it seemed like fun - I packed her on my back for a hike to let everyone else get some more sleep. I ended up being the only one who didn't get back to sleep since I took a 2 hour hike and N slept most of the way. But it was gorgeous, great exercise, and super comfortable.

I love all the pockets, too. I definitely made use, storing my cell phone, granola bars, hair ties... you know - the essentials. The fabric and construction is without a doubt high quality. I feel confident that this carrier will survive multiple children (and I use mine A LOT). As far as baby carriers go, this one is beautiful and I love it. N seems to love it too, and I think that says even more. 

I did not purchase this carrier, but it was won as a Twitter party prize. I was not compensated in any way for this review. The opinions are entirely my own. 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Mary Ann! We're super thrilled that both you and N are loving your Onya!
    Happy babywearing!
    Aleshia, Billy and Diana
    The Onya Baby Team

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! I wish I'd had this carrier when my son was a baby. :-)

  2. So rough! My LO had HFMD in like october of last year. Terrible. She was too young for the magic mouth wash too! I she's feeling better soon!

    1. It really is terrible. I'm not sure why you don't hear more about it. The Magic Mouth Wash has really been so great.