Monday, August 13, 2012

The Prefold: I Think I'm in Love pt. 2 {Geffen Baby}

So now I've told you how it came to be that I've fallen in love with Geffen Baby hemp wipes. What I didn't mention is that within an hour of ordering those wipes, I finally took the plunge & ordered a lavender edge hemp jersey prefold.
Geffen Baby hemp jersey prefold review

At $7.10 a piece, they are the most expensive prefold I've bought. For the quality and type of materials used, it's actually a good deal.

I decided to get lavender edge (size medium/large) instead of green edge (size small, recommended size for trifolding in a cover) because I wanted to be able to pin the diaper on. I get paranoid about diapers bunching up inside covers and not containing messes like they should. Both Maria at Geffen Baby and Mary at The Lovely Eco Chic were incredibly helpful and patient in my overly drawn out process of choosing a prefold.

Then, in my impatience to try things out, I didn't bother to fully prep the diaper. I washed it once with a load of diapers, and once with a load of towels. I had planned to wash it at least once more (I was visiting my parents & wasn't sure how they'd react to me boiling my new diaper on their stovetop.). Instead, I wrapped it on N's bottom, covered it with a Thirsties Duo Wrap (Aff. link), and put her to bed for the night. 12 hours later, the diaper was soaked, but N was dry. Success with a not-fully-prepped diaper.
Geffen Baby hemp jersey prefold review
Geffen Baby hemp jersey prefold review

Not only is it incredibly absorbent, but the rumors proved true. These prefolds are LUXURIOUSLY soft. Could someone make a blanket out of these for me? Please-and-thank-you. Also, the fit is phenomenal. N is very petite, but she (poor thing) inherited my back end. My hips & rear border on J-Lo-esque, FY-TMI. The stretch in the fabric allows me to get a nice snug fit on N without either gaping or red marks.

My experience has been that prefolds generally take longer to dry. These are no exception. During the summer months, it doesn't make much difference since everything on the line dries fairly quick. When using the drier, it does become a little more of a nuisance, but still worth it.
Geffen Baby hemp jersey prefold review
I still don't consider myself a prefold fan, but I have NO intention of parting with this particular prefold. I love it, use it regularly, and highly recommend it.

Now... if they would just make a fitted with this material. I'm still anxiously awaiting the release of their cotton fitted. You can bet I will have one of those in my home to try on N.

*I was not compensated in any way for this post. All opinions expressed are entirely mine.

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