Wednesday, August 1, 2012


If you had asked me two months ago to explain Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (HFMD), I would have had to make something up. I started seeing it mentioned more and more in my newsfeeds for Facebook and Twitter... and then... we got sick. It started with G. Temperature of over 104.0. He pretty much slept for two days without eating much, but then he was up and about without a complaint. Three days after he got sick, I was POSITIVE I had strep. My throat was killing me, I was freezing, and I was on a 3+ hour car drive with the kids for my husband's business trip. I spent most of the trip huddled in bed. A few days later, I was fine, but I started getting sores on my hands and feet. My hands and feet. I literally repeated that to myself a few times as the idea sunk in that I had HFMD. Of course, my husband never believes my self diagnoses, but then little N got sick. With all the drooling, and the screaming, and the fever, I called her doctors office to be seen. And then a rash appeared in her diaper area. And, trust me, it is not a regular diaper rash. The nurse took her time returning my call, but as soon as I explained about my sores and N's rash - they got us in immediately. Confirmed - Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease. If I hadn't already experienced it myself, I would think the little red sores where harmless, but they can be incredibly painful. Which makes this all that much harder for me - knowing how much my little girl is suffering.
the beginnings of the sores appearing on N's leg
N's largest blister so far
another view of N's right foot
N's pediatrician gave us a prescription for Magic Mouth Wash. Insurance wouldn't cover it, but I happily handed over the $20 to take it home. The stuff really does work wonders. Since I've been using this to swab N's mouth periodically, she is MUCH happier. 

The pharmacist mixes together specific (seemingly random) ingredients (for example: Benedryl, lidocaine, etc.) and the result really is magic. N responded immediately. It has been a great relief for myself, as well, to know we're able to lessen her pain at least that much. 
my poor, sweet baby girl
Fortunately, like the Chickenpox, HFMD only lasts about a week to ten days. It hasn't even been a week since I first became sick and I'm already feeling MUCH better. So there is hope. Now, I'm praying that whatever mystery fever G had was HFMD also, & he miraculously will never have to deal with the painful sores like his sister.

For more information on dealing with HFMD, here is a great post by The Uncoordinated Mommy on her week of Hand, Foot, Mouth Hell


  1. As poor N :( buy magic mouth wash?? So not fair!! I will be informing my pediatrician.......

    1. It has definitely made a HUGE difference in pain management, here.