Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Becoming a Runner Again

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I finally put my running shoes to work today. In the rain. In near freezing temperatures. I ran 5k after being relatively inactive for two years (if you don't count chasing the kids around). That is about 3 miles, if you're wondering. My lungs are hating me.

For the first .2 miles, I was in Heaven. For the next 1.5 miles, I thought I was going to die. Then I walked for about half a mile, and jogged the last stretch home. I walked around on the porch for a bit to cool down, but had to come in to lie down. Learn from my mistakes:

1. Don't run a 5k fresh out of the gate. 1 or 2 miles are equally impressive and exponentially less stupid after such a long hiatus from running. I don't care how far you were running two years ago.
my soaking wet shoes after the run... the picture is blurry because I think I was about to pass out
3. Eat breakfast AFTER your run. There is no benefit to feeling like you're going to revisit your pancake along the side of the road. Have a small snack (handful of nuts, etc) if you'd like an energy boost, but save the full meal for afterward.

4. Leave your glasses at home if you can. And it's raining. And cold. Your poor eyesight will be crystal clear in comparison to the rain covered, fogged over prescription lenses you normally prefer.

5. If you have an inhaler that you're supposed to use every day, it would probably be a good idea to break that out BEFORE you hit the pavement.

Now, the trick to getting back to where running a 5k was easy? Seeing if I can get myself back out there tomorrow, and the next day...

What are your fitness/health goals for this year? Maybe we can cheer each other on. post signature


  1. So proud of you! Super impressive that you ran a 5k!

    1. Thanks! I feel great now, but I probably won't run quite so far again for a while. I'm definitely glad I got out & did it!