Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine's Day Treat: Giveaway (closed)

When I was in the sixth grade, I woke up Valentine's morning with a card at the head of my bed. My parents had surprised me with my very first real Valentine's card. It was hideous - pink with a giant heart on the front with embossed lace detail. It was completely impersonal, crowded with three separate poems using words my parents would never use to describe their love for me. Still, I loved it. It made me feel special, considered, cared about.

These days there is a fantastic alternative to shopping for special occasion cards at the grocery store or the mall. For a truly personal greeting card, Treat.com offers a ton of great options! You can customize pretty much every aspect of their cards from adding your own pictures to creating your own text. And if you're no Shakespeare, they do provide you with suggested text for each card! Plus, if you're someone who does everything from your phone, they even have an iPhone app.

Here are a few of my favorite cards:

and, of course, they carry far more than just Valentine's cards!
no better way to wish someone a happy birthday than by calling them old
is it wrong that I love this card?

There's still time to order a personalized card for your Valentine from Treat. You can check out all the great options here. In the meantime, I've been given the GREAT opportunity to offer a little giveaway to my readers. You could win credit for 5 cards of your very own, to personalize however you see fit and send to whomever you choose. But time is short! This giveaway ends at midnight on February 2!

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  1. I save all my cards! I have a huge box of them!

  2. My favorite card was the one my husband gave me on my birthday when I was pregnant with my son. I still have it :)