Friday, January 11, 2013

Panic! At the Winter Formal

So... this is my 16 year old cousin that you may or may not have seen me tweet about:
last summer at N's first birthday
Somehow, this sweet girl convinced me to sew her dress for winter formal. Without a pattern. She bought a dress online, didn't like the fit, returned it, then drew up her own design. And now I get to create the new dress in real life. And I have less than one month. 
her fantastic vision
Before I officially agreed to the project, she went and bought the fabric. I said "let me think of how to construct it then price out the materials" but what I meant was "let me take some time, then tell you it would be better if you just went about found another dress at the mall." But now here I am: 
Oh sweet, delusional, 16 year old, what made you think of me as a miracle worker?

Let's all wish me luck now! Keep your fingers crossed and hope she doesn't end up in tears... 
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  1. You can do it! And I can't wait to see how it turns out ; )

  2. I agree! You can do it!! Just go slow and you tube the hell out of ever step you might not be familiar with :)

  3. Your confidence in me is either extremely flattering or entirely delusional like my cousin. Either way, I appreciate it! ;-P

  4. Good luck! *insert enthusiastic cheer here*

  5. Have you thought about finding a pattern that is similar to use as a starting point? That's what I would do. Unless I could get my oldest daughter who is trained in pattern drafting to draft it for me.

    1. Good idea! I may just have to do that. And lucky you to have a daughter who is trained in pattern drafting!