Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blogger News: No More Google Reader

So the buzz in the blogosphere (auto-correct deems that a real word) for the past week has been about the imminent death of Google Reader this July. It's sort of like when rumors were flying last year about feedburner (now also owned by Google) shutting down, except this is official. If you use Google Friend Connect (GFC) to follow your favorite blogs, now might be a good time to explore some options.

My theory has always been that the powers that be over at Google HQ are doing their best to streamline all social media through Google+. Despite some criticism, Google+ is still alive and kicking. (You can even join me here.) However, if you're not interested in conspiracy theories or new platforms, and all you want is a solid replacement for Google Reader, my Twitter feed has been going crazy over Bloglovin. I'm not overly familiar with all its ins and outs yet, but it seems to be a solid replacement. And if you haven't been using a reader before, now may be the time to look into it with (potentially) all your favorite blogs touting new "follow" buttons.

So, yay for another app!

And if you do sign up, be sure to use my Bloglovin follow button in the sidebar or here:
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