Friday, March 8, 2013

BMI Weekly Update: one week

Just a quick update on my weight loss. It's only been one week, so there's nothing huge to report. I thought I should give some kind of update, though, which begins my weekly BMI (Body Mass Index) updates. If you're not familiar with BMI, it really says a lot more about your health and fitness than your weight alone. You take into consideration your height, weight, gender, and age, and out pops your magic number. Or something like that.

You may know I love fitness apps (and photography apps, and social media apps...). Here is my newest app addition, filed under "Health." Made by the same people who designed my precious RuntasticPro app, I now have "Ideal Weight." (Another one-day freebie I got in on, but there are plenty of free BMI calculators out there.)

At my height, weighing 170lbs:
My BMI is 29.2. Ideally, it should be no higher than 25 for me to be considered at a healthy weight. I don't pay a whole lot of attention to the specific "ideal weight" the app gives me. Instead, I look to the weight range, which my goal of 130lbs falls neatly into. 

And this week's BMI: 
I lost 3lbs this past week, and it shows in my BMI (just barely), as you can see. I've still got a ways to go, but it's exciting to see the change.

For more information on Body Mass Index and how it's used and interpreted, here's a great article by the CDC.

And for those of you who noticed the Shaklee 180™ app icon in my screenshot - don't worry. I have plans of sharing more info in another post. 

If you're working on losing weight, how are you tracking your progress?

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  1. My weight watchers leader told me to only weigh in once a week. I followed that for the first six months or so, but then I felt like I needed to weigh in more often to stay on track. Now I weigh myself daily and write it on the calendar. It helps me see exactly what is going on.

    1. I definitely have trouble keeping away from the scale! I'm trying not to be a slave to it, but I want to see progress. It keeps me motivated.

  2. I am not tracking anything...but I really, probably, should be. Ugh.

    Weight loss is hard, yo.

  3. I eat very low carb, low fat, high protein high, fiber meals and I've been working out 5 days a week. I feel great and I lost 5 lbs in one week. I don't expect huge losses that like each week (and in fact if I did I'd reevaluate bc that's not healthy) but it was nice to kick start it with.

    I've also started drinking between 90-128 oz of water per days and I've cut out salt.

    I weigh every day and evaluate to see if I need to adjust my workouts, food or water intake. I find if I gain it's usually that I need to drink more H20!

    1. Congratulations! Awesome work! I definitely should be drinking more water, too. Sounds like you have a great plan. I'd love to hear more as you keep it up!