Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How We Get Through the Night

Every mom seems in search of the perfect night time diaper. At some point along our cloth diapering path, I realized that fitteds are what work best for us. We've always had good luck with fitteds, but our go-to fitted has a microfiber soaker. One morning, my husband described it as smelling like an outhouse. An overnight soak with EcoSprout helped but I became convinced the real (long-term) solution was in actually finding a new go-to.

I'd heard of Jelly Bear Boutique fitteds, but didn't actually know anyone who'd tried them. I contacted the owner, Ellen, and she generously sent me one to test out.
Jelly Bear Boutique fitted cloth diaper review

Here is a description of one of her fitteds: 

Diaper construction:
Cotton knit print outerBamboo/Cotton french terry hidden layer white cotton velour inner layer for babies comfort.Snap Down rise (3 settings)

Comes with 2 snap together inserts each made with 2 layers bamboo/cotton french terry topped with cotton velour. Both inserts can be snapped into the diaper together or used separately allowing you to customize absorption  This diaper also comes with a 2 layer Bamboo/Cotton fleece doubler that can be folded in half or thirds and placed in wet zone.
Jelly Bear Boutique fitted cloth diaper review
The first thing I noticed when I first opened the packaging was how incredibly cute the fabric is, and how incredibly soft and squishy it is. I knew right away this would become a favorite, and like with the Elemental, my first impression was solid. She provides detailed instructions on how to use the inserts, but I felt it was pretty common sense, especially since the diaper arrived with all the pieces laid together just how you would use them.
Jelly Bear Boutique fitted cloth diaper review
I normally try to use a stay dry liner of some sort with all N's diapers whenever she's going to be sleeping. I figured, though, if I was going to give a truly honest review I should test the diaper out just as it is made. I used the two snap in inserts but left out the booster and didn't bother with a liner. N wore the diaper overnight for a good 12 hours. The (hand dyed by Ellen) velour tabs were still dry! There were no leaks, and N's bottom seemed completely unfazed by the lack of stay dry fabric, thanks to the super soft cotton velour.

N seems to really like wearing her Jelly Bear, and I can't blame her. It's still super soft and squishy after repeated uses/washes. I love the fit on her. It's fairly trim even with the two inserts.
Jelly Bear Boutique fitted cloth diaper review
The diapers can be a little pricey with shipping, but are about average for a boutique diaper. And, really, for a solid overnight diaper - what wouldn't you pay for that? I definitely recommend this diaper and hope to purchase a few more at some point to fully replace our other nighttime diapers. Ellen even has some hybrid fitteds, which I would love to get a hold of for daytime use without a cover. If you haven't tried fitteds, or if you're still searching for a good overnight solution, you should really give these a try. She's even clearancing out some older prints right now to make room for newer stock!

I was given this diaper free of charge for the purpose of review. As always, opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

*Jelly Bear Boutique currently has a giveaway going on on their blog, but it ends in just a few days! Be sure to check it out to enter for your chance to win your very own Jelly Bear custom hybrid fitted.

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