Monday, October 15, 2012

What to do when there are Two

I'll be honest, having a child with a hearing impairment has been an educational experience if nothing else. Now that N finally has two hearing aids, I find people asking me about it twice as often. Even my husband has noticed. It's like, people noticed when there was only one, but the second grants grants courage & perceived permission to really ask about N's hearing.
I actually don't mind. In a way, I'm proud of how knowledgeable I'm becoming on infant hearing loss. As my husband slips away, I patiently answer all the same questions. How did we know there was a problem? What kinds of tests do they use on babies? How do N's hearing aids differ from an adult's?
Life is different with N than it was with G. She's not deaf, but she is definitely missing out. Her speech and language skills reflect that, even now.

Fortunately, since she was aided so early, she's not as far behind as she would have been. And today we'll be setting up her IFSP (Individual Family Service Plan) with Early Intervention. They have a great team here, and I hope we'll be just as lucky after our move.
a gift to N from EI deaf & hard of hearing program

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