Friday, July 20, 2012

Eco-Bottom Review

So I ordered the Eco-Bottom liners by Eco-Sprout while I was visiting my parents because I was afraid I would run out of my Bummis Bio-Soft flushable liners before the end of our camping trip. I ordered them from Cloth Diapers, Inc. and got SUPER fast free shipping. (I'm not an affiliate, I just love their shop!)

I planned on waiting to open them once the Bummis ran out, but curiousity got the better of me. Plus, I wanted to be able to compare the two.
bummis (l), eco-bottom (r)
Bummis has a reputation for being incredibly soft (read: gentle on little one's bum), which is important to me for N. No point using cloth if the liner is going to irritate her bottom worse than buying a pack of disposables. I have been incredibly happy with the Bummis liners (read my review here), so imagine my surprise when the Eco-Bottom liners turned out to be even softer!
bummis (l) has a very similar texture to eco-bottom (r)
You can tell by the close up that the textures are very similar, and while the Bummis seemed slightly more substantial, the Eco-Bottom liners actually held up a little better in the wash. To be fair, Eco-Sprout suggests using a lingerie bag when washing their liners, but I didn't do that with either and didn't attempt reusing the liners anyway.

bummis on top of eco-bottom
And even though in the first picture, the two liners seem exactly the same size, the Bummis is actually about an inch narrower (this is the Bummis size SMALL liner). 

Having been away from home (and without my diaper sprayer) for nearly 3 weeks, I definitely appreciated the convenience of using disposable liners. My favorite is the Eco-Bottom liners, but the Bummis are definitely nice too. I liked the wider liners in my flats and felt like they shifted less. I also liked the softer feel of the Eco-Bottom. So, I guess the bottom line is, when the time comes to order more, I'll go with Eco-Bottom... unless I decide to try out ANOTHER brand. 

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