Saturday, July 28, 2012

Unexpected Consequences

I completely forgot how much my brother and I loved running through the clothes hung on the clothesline. Until this...

Aside from the savings of not using the dryer for every load, it's actually pretty cathartic hanging laundry on the line. Unfortunately, this is just a make-shift, temporary clothesline. It will stay up for as long as we stay in our house, which turns out to be not very much longer. 

I've mentioned before that my husband was laid off right before N was born. We've been able to make the mortgage every month and pay all our bills on time, but we haven't been able to save anything or really get ahead in any way. So, I'll keep this short, but we'll be moving soon. We're hoping to rent out our house for at least the amount we own on the mortgage each month, and we'll move in with family to give us a little time to figure some things out. My husband will continue building his company (he does video production), but we'll be searching out other avenues as well. We'll be trying to reign in our spending, increase productivity, and increase our income. Think something along the lines of Her Baby Steps, sort of. Anyway, I'll keep you posted. 

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