Tuesday, July 3, 2012


It's not that I'm extremely lucky by any means, but when you enter as many giveaways as I do (which is potentially far less than some people, though I don't know who), you're bound to win something occasionally. One of the first diapers I ever won was an Ecobubs pocket diaper from Dirty Diaper Laundry.

EcoBubs is a company that was started in New Zealand and only recently introduced in the US. This is a wool-blend pocket diaper with a hidden layer of PUL and a microfleece inner (for a stay dry lining). There is also a front pocket - which some people love and others hate. Pros: you don't usually have to worry about touching poop when taking the insert out. Con: you always have to touch the wettest part of the insert.
image source: www.ecobubsdiapers.com
This diaper is sized and side snapping. I actually like that. There are enough snaps at the waist to customize the fit between a barrel bellied baby with skinny thighs or a slim-waisted baby with chunky thighs and everything in between.

All EcoBubs are made with a knit wool-blend outer layer in a striped pattern. I chose chocolate/petal pink. Because it's cute. The wool is not what most cloth diapering moms (and dads) might think of first. There is no lanolizing because the hidden PUL is what makes the diaper waterproof. And the diaper is completely machine washable.

I'll be honest - this is one of DH's least favorite diapers. He's figured out the side-snapping (which many people say has a learning curve), but it's just a lot bulkier than our other diapers. Generally, sized diapers and side snapping diapers tend to be considered a little trimmer. Part of the problem is the incredibly fluffy microfiber insert the Ecobubs come with. It does get a little thinner over time, but I think the diaper itself is just made... bulky. I've switched out the insert for a flour sack towel, and although it's a little trimmer, it's not as trim as most our other diapers. 
Overall, it's cute, it's super soft, and it works well. It's just not the first diaper anyone in our family ever reaches for because of the extra fluffiness and because of the front pocket.  

If you're interested in trying an Ecobubs, go for it. They sell them direct from EcobubsDiapers.com. They do work well, but at $32.95 a piece, I'd rather put my money toward something else. 

*I was not compensated in any way for this review, and the opinions stated are 100% mine. 

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