Monday, July 9, 2012

FSOT Pt. 1

I want more diapers than I can reasonably afford. Well, to be fair, it's not that I want SO many diapers. I just have this desire to try a wide variety of fabulous cloth diapers. On my phone, I have a list making app for grocery shopping, etc. I also use it to track my current cloth diaper wish list.
a peak at my list
My list is longer than my husband can appreciate. His eyes literally glaze over at the mention of anything cloth diaper related, though, so I mostly keep it to myself. And when I check things off that list? Yeah- I keep that to myself, too. ;-)

After nearly a year of cloth diapering, I am done with microfiber. Everything on my list is made with natural fibers (aside from the PUL/TPU, but that doesn't really count). At a year, I'm also realizing that the time for potty learning will be upon us before we know it. For that reason, it's not completely practical to be buying new diapers left & right still... UNLESS one of two things happens:

1. I get pregnant! You know I would love that, but DH isn't quite on board yet (YET).

2. I sell off some of my lesser loved fluff to make room for the great unknown. This is doable, I think.

There are plenty of for sale or trade (FSOT) groups out there. Some better known ones being Diaper Swappers and Spot's Corner on Hyena Cart. And while there are also plenty of these groups on Facebook, I'm leaning toward the Cloth Diaper Trader. I've been reading some pretty rave reviews lately, one of which is by the amazing Tara of Padded Tush Stats. She even posted a great tutorial on how to list an item for sale.
In the process of writing this post, I actually managed to purchase a Mother-Ease Sandy's fitted. Check that off my wish list! Unfortunately, I have yet to even photograph any of my diapers for sale yet... Please just DO NOT tell my husband, for the love of all that is great and fluffy!

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