Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Timothy Lake: 2012

We went on our annual Smith family camping trip this past week. Four days on the lake, no plumbing, using flats and pins. It was great!
I grew up camping at Timothy Lake with my dad & brother, so it's been a lot of fun watching my own children exploring and enjoying the same campgrounds.

the real reason N got excited every time we went to the "diaper changing station" in the back of the Explorer
the giant pile of cloth diaper laundry I did at my in-law's before heading home
What made this trip even more special:
1. My nephew's 8th birthday (and party!) 
2. Trying out some new products  - Eco-Bottom biodegradable liners (affiliate link), and my new Onya Baby Cruiser.  I'll post some reviews on both when get some more time! Right now, I'm still digging myself out of a giant mountain of laundry from being away from home for nearly three weeks.